Tonko Soljan

Tonko Soljan is a Croatian American film and television Producer and Production Head who has worked within development aspects of the broadcast medium all the way to delivering to major film festivals and television distributors. His recent projects include the hit television series “Teen Mom” on the MTV Network and the 2007 Sundance Festival Official Selection, “Adrift in Manhattan,” starring Heather Graham, Billy Baldwin, Dominic Chianese and Victor Rasuk. In addition, he has also chased tornadoes through the Mid-West with the foremost scientists and adventurers to create “Storm Chasers,” one of the staples of Discovery Channel’s programming lineup.

Soljan also budgeted, staffed, and actualized multi-million dollar East-Coast segments for the hit show “Treasure Hunters,” on NBC, and in 2006 after completing filming on the first season of Discovery Channel’s “Storm Chasers,” Original Media, the production company behind such feature hits as “Squid and the Whale,” “Half Nelson,” and “Guide to Recognizing Your Saints,” retained Soljan to aide in spearheading the logistics behind some TV’s current successful series. Soljan was put in charge of the task of organizing two specials for the already popular TLC show “Miami Ink,” he also created the operational budget and structure which launched the TLC hit series “LA Ink,” and he also organized the logistics, permissions and budget behind Fuel Network’s motocross show “Crusty’s Demons of Dirt.”

From late 2006 to early 2009 Soljan acted as the Head of Production and in-house Producer for NYC film outfit Entropy Films and had overseen the development, production and post-production of acclaimed documentary feature “Beyond Our Differences.” Soljan put forth a collaborated effort in facilitating negotiations with the World Economic Forum to accept segments of that film into their programming structure at Davos, Switzerland in January of 2007, and further aided in establishing two sessions at the World Economic Forum in early 2008 in efforts to produce a new socially relevant feature film with their support. “Beyond Our Differences” was featured on PBS’s ‘Bill Moyers Journal’ in December 2008, and using that as a catalyst Soljan brokered a wide domestic and international home video distribution deal with PBS and PBS International. To date “Beyond Our Differences” is a top home-video seller and had received wide acclaim. Soljan retains a post as Producer with Entropy Films and consults on current projects on a regular basis.

In 2009 Soljan ventured back into television and took a post as Producer with hit television house Leftfield Pictures, churning out popular television properties like “Pawn Stars” and “American Restoration” on the History Channel, “Oddities” on Discovery, “Setup Squad” on LOGO and is in the midst of development and production on 12 series which will make their television debut within 2011.

Aside from working in a collaborative environment by producing commissioned properties for third parties Soljan runs two boutique studios; Moving Image Entertainment, a development, production and acquisition company dedicated to film and television, and Soljan is also co-founder of PanmanSoljan Produktion Haus, a creative agency built on the long-term relationship and collaboration with director Seth Panman.