John Mans

John Mans is a Colorado based cinematographer with over 20 years industry experience.  Raised in the Rocky Mountains, John developed a passion for adventure and travel cinematography.  He has traveled extensively while working on numerous documentary and reality projects, including productions such as Animal Planet’s ‘Whale Wars’; Discovery’s hit ‘Deadliest Catch’; ‘Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure’; Morgan Spurlock’s ‘30 Days’; ‘Modern Marvels’ and more.  John served as Director of Photography on ‘Beyond Our Differences’ and more recently for Entropy’s project, ‘Islam & The West’.

As an owner / operator of specialized High Definition camera equipment, lighting and jibs, John’s extensive experience on both national and international shoots have proved to be a valuable asset to overseas productions. John is an experienced climber, holds a World Record in scuba diving and over the years has shot from the air, under water and from land on every continent.