Watch the full session at Davos Annual Meeting, 2008.

Faith and Modernization

Faith is playing an increasingly influential role in this century’s political, economic and social landscape, while intercultural divides are diverting valuable resources away from addressing the pressing global issues of today. Are the religious mores of faith-based societies an impediment to, or an asset to, social progress, political order and economic development? What prospects exist for collaboration between the West and the Islamic world on fulfilling the economic agenda of the Makkah Declaration of the Organization of the Islamic Conference?

Opening Remarks and moderated by
• Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1997-2007)

Discussion Leader
• Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister of Malaysia
• David A. Harris, Executive Director, American Jewish Committee
• Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington DC (2001-2006)
• Rick Warren, Author, Saddleback Church
• Ayatollah Mahdi Hadavi, Founder and President, Porch of Wisdom Cultural Institution, Islamic Republic of Iran