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Shukria Barakzai, Member of the Afghani National Assembly
Desmond Tutu and The Prayer of St. Francis

Beyond Our Differences

Client: PBS/WGBH


What are the fundamental issues facing our world today? Where do world leaders and the biggest thinkers of our time in politics, religion, culture, arts and science weigh in on these issues? How do these leaders apply their own experiences with faith and morality when forming constructive solutions for the world’s most distressing and calamitous problems? In what context do faith and religion play principal roles in inspiring our collective peoples toward a more peaceful and compassionate humanity?

Beyond Our Differences provides a tapestry of distinct voices and viewpoints regarding spirituality, woven with one universal expression of hope. By providing such a variety of experiences in such an accessible format, we hope that individual viewers will understand this unified message of hope and will become empowered through their own expressions of faith to impact positive change in their lives and the lives of others.

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